It’s that time of the year where everyone is full of merry and kids are joyous of the tidings around. While it’s important to do a lot of activities with your kids, it’s also important to take advantage of your child’s dental benefits before they expire. By communicating with your child’s dentist, you can maximize your child’s dental coverage.

Make the Most of Your Child’s Dental Benefits

It tends to be difficult bearing the cost of regular dental cleanings and checkups without insurance. However, once you’ve got dental insurance coverage, it’s best to make the most of its benefits plan before the year ends.

Most child dental insurance plans include cleanings, x-rays, and treatments such as tooth extraction, root canals, and cavity fillings. The dental health insurance usually includes a yearly ceiling that limits the dental benefits. Once you’ve reached this ceiling, you become liable to additional incurred costs for your dental visit.

Now, if you still have benefits remaining for your child, it’s best you make optimum use of the coverage before they expire, as most health plans don’t give inclusion to roll over unused benefits to the next year.

5 Reasons to use Your Dental Benefits Before they Expire

Yearly Maximum

The yearly maximum is the total amount covered by your dental insurance plan within a calendar year. The amount isn’t uniform as it varies by insurance firms, though it usually averages at $700 per individual. The yearly maximum gets renewed at the start of a new year, so if you have unused benefits, utilize them before they expire as they will not roll over.

Fix Dental Issues Before They Become Complex

Untreated cavities can lead to root canals, a more expensive and invasive treatment. The quicker a cavity is treated, the less invasive and expensive a treatment will be. When little dental issues are disregarded and left unattended, they end up becoming complex and costing more.

You don’t want a dental issue to hinder your child from having a great time this season. Book an appointment with your child’s dentist to make use of those benefits.


If you are faithful in the payment of your monthly dental insurance premiums, you should also be faithful in making use of your benefits. Children are prone to having a series of dental issues and require regular checkups. Even if it seems your child doesn’t need dental treatment, take them for regular cleanings as a form of preventive care against possible dental problems.


A deductible is the first amount of money you are required to pay for dental products or services before your dental insurance firm starts to pay for it. The amount varies from one dental plan to another and is usually made each time your plan rolls over.

Fee Increase

There is a possibility of your dentist increasing the fee of his dental services at the beginning of the year due to a higher cost of living and equipment costs. That’s why it’s essential you use your dental benefits before they expire. Hence, if you need to see your dentist, do so while the current rate persists.

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To make maximum use of your dental benefits before the year ends, schedule an appointment with us at Happy Teeth Pediatric Dentistry as your child’s smile is a priority this season. If you need to make inquiries on your available dental benefits, reach out to us and let us guide you through making full use of your child’s dental benefits.