Statesville is the county seat of Iredell County and home to one of the most scenic downtowns in North Carolina. It is a small town, but its charm lies in its big city vibe and amenities. We listed the top things to do in Statesville, so you can get a glimpse of what it has to offer.

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10 Things To Do In Statesville With Your Loved Ones

Here is a list of the top destinations and locals’ favorite spots around town that keeps visitors coming back:

COVID-19 Advisory: Due to the COVID-19 safety guidelines, the establishments listed below are implementing social distancing measures, operate on a 50% capacity, and require the use of face masks.

Fort Dobbs Historic Site in Statesville, NC

Explore Fort Dobbs Historic Site

Built in the late 1700s, Fort Dobbs Historic Site is a living reminder of the long history of Statesville. It has been the frontier defense of the soldiers during the French and Indian War. Visit the 300-year-old fort that has endured the test of time and still stands up to this day.

Relax with a glass of wine or a mug of beer at Wine Maestro

Unwind with your loved ones over a glass of fine wine from a variety of wine options at Wine Maestro. They also have draft beers that are fresh from the local breweries. They also have a wide selection of imported brewed beers and ciders.

Sweet escape of a team of four at Make The Xscape in Statesville, NC

Hone your problem-solving skills at Make The Xscape

Reenact your favorite Sherlock Holmes scenes in a fun and mind-boggling escape room experience at Make The Xscape. For COVID safety, each team must have a maximum of six, and only one team can play at a time. Book your appointment here.

Martin Luther King Park in Statesville, NC

Have a lunch picnic at Martin Luther King Park

Martin Luther King Park is a perfect picnic spot for its serene ambiance and scenic view near the lake. It has a playground, and you can mostly see ducks swimming in and out of the lake. If you want a place away from the crowd, this park is a must-see.

18th-century houses in Statesville, NC

Explore the late Victorian architecture at Academy Hill Historic District

The Academy Hill Historic District is a concentration of historic houses built with Late-Victorian architecture in the 1800s. Walk around or drive along Mulberry st. and Armfield st. to see these well-preserved houses sitting next to each other.

Affordable fishing rods and hooks at I-40 Flea & Farmers Market

Discover great finds at I-40 Flea & Farmers Market

If you love affordable deals for quality products, you will surely enjoy looking around I-40 Flea & Farmers Market. Who knows, you might find a hidden gem for a more reasonable price than buying it online.

Grand opening of Caldwell Dog Park in Statesville, NC

Walk your fur babies at Caldwell Dog Park

Bring your furry family members along and let them explore a new location too. Caldwell Dog Park is a fenced dog park for dogs of all sizes. The local community requires a permit and proof of rabies vaccination, so make sure to bring your dog’s papers with you when you visit Statesville.

Lasagna at Sorrento Pizzeria & Italian Restaurant in Statesville

Taste authentic Italian cuisine at Sorrento Pizzeria & Italian Restaurant

Sorrento Pizzeria & Italian Restaurant is known for its delicious entree of Italian pizza and large portions of Italian dishes. It is one of the local favorites for its fast service. Sorrento’s meals have a peculiar charm that makes every visitor come back to Statesville.

Tacos from Bristol Cafe in Statesville, NC

Try cafe-hopping at 220 Cafe & Bristol Cafe

Cap off your visit to Statesville with a happy tummy. 220 Cafe is among the best restaurants in downtown Statesville and a recipient of the Diner’s Choice Award for four years. Bristol Cafe is another restaurant that’s starting to gain popularity among residents and visitors for its great food and friendly service.